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Our Horses 

Our horses are carefully selected for their temperament and personality.  We believe there is an equine partner for every person who comes to our barn that they can relate to, and bond with.

Horse drawings courtesy of Pam Vigo


Registered Arabian, 27 years old. Experienced endurance racer, have dressage training, and show experience. I have been a therapy horse since 2008.


Registered Paint, 23 years old.  Have been shown in Western Pleasure, Western Equitation, Halter, and Gymkhana events. I am the most social of the herd and a curious trail horse.

Belle ~ Retired

I am a 31 year old Quarter horse. I have lots of experience being in Gymkhanas and really like to barrel race! I became a therapy horse recently and am enjoying being around all of the friendly people. 



Appendix gelding, 32 years old.  Have a varied background competing in barrel racing and jumping.  I have taught many youngsters how to perfect their English equitation and have scouted many trails.  I am now working as a therapy horse and am friendly, curious, and patient with people.


Registered American Mustang, 21 years old. Educated with the Natural Horsemanship method and have competed in endurance racing.  I am a sure footed and reliable trail horse.


I am a 17 year old Percheron mare and lived in northern New Mexico before coming to the El Paso area a few years ago.  I am very friendly and curious and really love being with people.  I’ve taught many youngsters how to ride and get along well with the other horses - even though I am the tallest of the bunch standing over 18 hands!






I am a 15 year old Tennessee Walker gelding.  I came from NM where I carried many riders on pack trip adventures in the Gila Wilderness.  I recently retired to become a therapy horse. 




I am a 22 year old Ranch bred registered quarter horse and have experience showing in Ranch Horse classes.  Recently I have discovered the therapy environment and am enjoying my new job working with all of the participants.  I still look forward to a trail ride every now and then, especially in the desert.




Paint, 23 years old.  I am quite social and sure like to have fun.  I really enjoy making people laugh to forget their troubles.  A long trail ride in the desert is a great adventure but I don’t mind the trails in the valley, too.  I particularly like to help out with the summer camps where everyone is having a good time. 




Miss Tella 

I am a 27 year old registered quarter horse and most recently worked on a ranch near Deming NM.  I am enjoying my new career helping all kinds of people in the therapeutic environment but I especially enjoy seeing the delight of the little children. 


Sky 2019.JPG


Gypsy Vanner Quarter horse cross, 23 years old.  I came from NM, where I carried many riders on adventurous pack trips in the Gila Wilderness until I retired to become a therapy horse.



I am a 8 year old Quarter horse and used to live in Taos, NM.  I am really looking forward to learning how to be a therapy horse!



I also came from Taos, NM. I am 14 years old and am Willow’s sire.  Meeting all of the people at Compadres Therapy is something I enjoy and am looking forward to continuing to learn about being a therapy horse.  I have even been in a movie!

Board of Directors 

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